Secure and reliable
Fixed Price
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For a quality trip

Take a seat in our comfortable, safe and modern vehicles.

Experienced drivers

We only work with reliable contractors: we study their certificates, monitor the validity period of their driving licenses and their insurance policies. Among other things, our service customers always evaluate the performance of their drivers. We analyze user feedback and only continue to work with contractors whose order history is impeccable.

No surprises

The prices displayed when booking will not change, regardless of the transport conditions.

Istanbul Navette

Online booking

Payment in your currency on the site. You know the price of the transfer immediately. After ordering, the price will not change, regardless of the time before the transfer while to travel by local taxi from the airport, you need to exchange the currency on arrival and the price of a taxi is not known in advance.

Assistance 24/7

We are very responsive to all requests by email to or online chat.

No waste of time

Book your driver before your arrival and don’t waste time looking for a taxi, our drivers will be waiting for you at the pick-up point.

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